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Tokyo Heliport

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(+81) 80-1612-2309

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Steps to Skydive

It’s a great day for skydiving!
Let’s meet up and get ready to take off. Remember to confirm the meeting and takeoff locations in advance, as they vary depending on your plan.

The meeting and takeoff location for your skydiving adventure is Tokyo Heliport.
We will pick you up at JR Shinkiba Station before the skydiving activity.
Upon completing the activity, we will take you to JR Nishiurawa Station.
After the person in charge confirms the skydiving tour, a meeting and take-off location will be provided.
It is around Oshino Village in Yamanashi Prefecture.
The meeting and take-off location will be around Omiya City, Saitama Prefecture.
The person in charge will provide you with the detailed location after you submit your booking.
This plan includes transportation to and from the skydiving place. 
We will pick up drop down at JR Omiya station.

You will be fitted with skydiving equipment.

And your instructor will briefly lecture you.

Once we take off, you can view spots like the Tokyo Sky Tree.

SKYDIVE AZUL is the only way to enjoy the view over Tokyo!

We will prepare to start jumping.

Skydive from the helicopter over the landing area.

After enjoying the free fall, deploy the parachute and enjoy your next aerial adventure.

A 360 panoramic view awaits you!

Finally, let’s go landing!

Follow the instructor’s instructions and enjoy the landing as well!!

We may not be able to answer the phone during the kydiving, so please call or email us, and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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